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Hybrid work –
It´s a mindset.

With the right approach, hybrid working can unlock innovation and productivity in your organisation. We’re here to help you master it – with the infrastructure, user adoption and thought leadership you need to go further. We empower your teams to collaborate and innovate – and we powerfully connect your people, processes and systems to accelerate growth.

You don't have to make it alone

Damovo is ready to become a strategic extension of your team. We're big enough to deliver at scale, yet small enough to care about making a difference. We adapt to work in the best ways for you - supporting you with individual projects, or for the whole lifecycle.


And whatever capacity we work in, we bring strategic vision, experience and skilled execution to help you future-proof your infrastructure. We're on your side, thinking along with you, and giving you the power to make the transformation to hybrid working manageable and profitable.


Security for hybrid working

Customer Experience

The future of customer service is hybrid


Making a success of hybrid working

Working on Rooftop

Hybrid Work Transformation: Action Points for the C-Suite

Hybrid working can power collaboration. It can boost productivity. And it can unlock innovation. It can connect teams – to each other and to corporate strategy. It can empower. And it can accelerate growth.


But it has to be deployed in the right way to achieve all of this.  


Hybrid Work Transformation: Action Points for the C-Suite is a joint report from Damovo and worldwide business technology consultancy, IDC.

It sets out priorities and inspiration for CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, CHROs and CCOs,

as they address the urgent issue of transforming to a hybrid workplace.

IDC Predictions for Hybrid Work


will work remotely by 2024


of remote workers think communicating with others is difficult


of CISOs see greater hacker risks when working remotely


of COOs want to improve their customers experience

Source: IDC's European Return to the Office Forecast, 1H21

Driving business outcomes with hybrid work

Listen to our recent webinar „Seeing the bigger picture: Driving business outcomes with hybrid work”
and learn in 40 minutes:

  • What it takes from a technological perspective for hybrid work models to be successful.

  • Which guidelines need to be established in the corporate and management culture.

  • What steps are needed to implement agile teamwork consistently and over the long term.

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