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Making a success of hybrid working

How are you going to help your teams to thrive and deliver in the new normal? Partnering with Damovo gives you the digital infrastructure to enhance employee engagement, take innovative approaches to development - and attract and retain the brightest talent.

Discover how hybrid working can empower growth in your organisation

Making a success of hybrid working is about so much more than technology. It’s also about people, culture and creating a sense of belonging.


In this white paper, our Vice President Group HR Michaela Flaskamp sets out the four pillars of successful hybrid working. For practical, actionable ideas and insights, download it now.


Hybrid Work Transformation: Action Points for the C-Suite

Our report, Hybrid Work Transformation: Action Points for the C-Suite has been created in partnership with IDC – the global business technology consultancy. It highlights key considerations for CHROs, as they set out to transform their workplaces.


It’s a must-read for human resources leaders who know results come from empowering colleagues to be connected, motivated, productive and innovative.

Access the report for fresh insights on technology’s role in driving employee engagement, upskilling, hiring and retention. You’ll discover how to enhance work-life balance – and to get teams to embrace digital culture.

Download the report today. Hybrid working has the power to take your organisation to the next level. It’s the future. It’s transformative. It’s a mindset.


Hybrid work requires a change in thinking and new competences from CHROs.


Michaela Flaskamp, Director Group HR Damovo

Get inspired!

Be a top talent magnet

A medium-sized company in the packaging industry is expanding. As a result they are urgently looking for new sales and engineering specialists.

Simplified communication between HR and employees

The HR department of a rapidly expanding mechanical engineering company must restructure itself centrally in order to meet the increased administrative requirements.

Turn employees into teams

An international fashion group is faced with the challenge of facilitating smooth communication between employees from various departments and external service providers across global locations.

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